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Why Supply-Chain Cybercrime Has Become Deadlier Than Ever

Everyone on this planet connected directly or indirectly to the Internet are under cyberattacks. We have become desensitized to the constant barrage of damage caused by cybercrime. Victims of cyberattacks suffer regulatory, financial, identity, and reputational consequences. For example, be especially cautious with the online retailers and auction sites that sell counterfeit products. The Business Insider published an article outlining steps to spot and avoid counterfeit merchandise.
Cybercrime has evolved deadlier adopting techniques that use the human, the weakest link, as a vector of their attacks. State-sponsored hackers have changed their methods to infiltrate supply-chain suppliers to computer and network device manufacturers.
As the world becomes dependent on the Internet driving the cyber economy for their thriving businesses and personal use, securing the global Internet to new and escalating risks is crucial to our survival.
Supply-Chain Hijacking
In 2018, Bloomberg Business…

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