Being a highly experienced information security practitioner with over 24 years of industry experience is accomplished by dedication, humility, and a hard work ethic.

In 1996, I embarked on a journey as the Founder and Principal Consultant of Securityminders. Having foreseen the gig economy in the dawning age of the Internet, much needed to be learned from it, and security was of crucial importance within a diverse field of organizations that embraced it. A new beginning and a new frontier that has provided me with many experiences to this day.

My career as a consultant provides services for an array of clients spanning various industrial verticals and cultures. This is a partial list of organizations I consulted for.

In this role, I provide consulting services for Fortune 500 clients, federal and state government agencies in multiple management engagements. My numerous responsibilities include strategy and security program development, risk management and assessments, project management, and budgets, designing security architectures, overseeing security infrastructure implementations, and more. 

Delivering successful engagements gave me much pride, an accomplishment feeling knowing my clients are well served, but being independent carried considerable risks. Managing those risks were crucial to my longevity as an independent security consultant. Being able to develop skills in business development, accounting, logistics, and keep up to date with cybersecurity was difficult, but I took it in stride. Also, managing the work/life balance while on the road is challenging for any road warrior. In a nutshell, being independent means you do it all, and mastering time management is a skill that became my best friend.

The traveling took me from my home base in Chicago to destinations in Los Angeles, New York City, Tampa, Washington DC,  Boston, and other cities. A humbled road warrior with a can-do attitude determined to help clients achieve their cybersecurity goals. The journey has its seemingly insurmountable challenges wearing many hats but learned and did the job. Many of my engagements were on-site, lasting a few months to multi-year in duration. Some were virtual or a combination of on-premises and remote. Also, some part-time virtual gigs were conducted off-hours while servicing the large engagements. 

By giving back my knowledge and experience for the advancement of the security industry, helping others, I authored several industry publications. Also, a contributing columnist for CSO Online, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, and other notable publications.

From 1992-1996, I led the Internal and IT Audit department at Ben Franklin Retail Stores, a 189-year-old Chicago-based retailer known for its variety of stores in rural America. Before its demise in 1996, the organization was a $1.2B national arts and crafts retailer with 1,300 franchised and company stores. While at Ben Franklin, I developed the security and internal audit framework for this national enterprise. Managed audit engagements to evaluate security controls of computer system environments, corporate, financial, warehouse, and store operations. 

Directing the internal audit function at a significant retailer of its size provided me with valuable skills and insights, giving independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value to and improve operations. Integrity and accountability were two crucial aspects of the job. Reporting to the audit committee on the board of directors, I provided value by being the objective source for independent advice and governing bodies.