Gene Melendez

VP of Security and CISO at Contender Solutions
Former VP and CISO at Syniverse

"Given George's experience in security, he has been successful at partnering with companies to develop their strategy and help guide the execution. Speaking with George on several security-related topics, he has a broad background in information security. Focus areas include security architecture, program management, and driving business alignment with security programs. 

George thinks at a program level and can guide a company on their journey to establish a resilient information security program that is closely aligned with the business."

Michael Dennehy

Cyber Security Architect | Helping Companies Maximize & Protect Their IT Investment | Design & Secure IT Infrastructures

"I have had the pleasure of working with George at Syniverse. While I was there, we were able to partner on multiple security initiatives in many areas including Secure SDLC with Enterprise Architecture, collaborating on an Endpoint Management project and reviewing the many security initiatives with the goal of improving organizational risk management.

We also spent a lot of time developing ways to improve organizational governance. George clearly has a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. I observed how he was willing to share his knowledge and mentor a new Security Architect who joined the team. In the end, he demonstrated his results-oriented approach to security and how, when done, right, security can impact a company's bottom line while protecting the reputation and the leaders of an organization."

Sr. Director - Global Information Security at Syniverse
Javier managed George directly.

"George helped expand the Security Architecture team leveraging his vast experience in information security and perspective he has developed throughout his career. He overcame many technical challenges and complexities within our organization providing well-informed risk-based guidance and solutions."

Chief Security Officer at Zebra Technologies
Michael was a client of George’s
"BE WARNED! If you are simply looking for a yes-man to execute an ill-advised security approach, George will greatly displease you. However, if you are looking for straight-forward, practical and sound advice to help improve your security posture, George will definitely fit the bill. George brings a vast array of information security experiences and contacts to bear. He has a no-nonsense approach shaped by his time working in many industries among many different cultures.
In addition to seeing George effectively complete client projects, I've continued to witness George giving back to the information security profession. He publishes articles, is active on social media, and helps other professionals’ network with contacts, leads, and advice." 

The owner, Vector Partners, LLC | IT Staffing Solutions | State of Illinois Certified | Veteran Owned Firm 
George was a client of Donald’s
"To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. George Moraetes. Mr. Moraetes was highly recommended by a colleague with over twenty-five years’ experience in the information technology industry. He joined our project following the last-minute absence of another contractor. Mr. Moraetes is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM); Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) and is affiliated with several information technology associations.
The contract requiring George Moraetes skillsets was in support of a State of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services project. The work was accomplished in accordance with current federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines; the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA); and National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) directives. Contractual duties included, but were not limited to creating a System Security Plan; performing a Security Risk Assessment; developing a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M), and establishing a Life-Cycle Management program. 

From the beginning, Mr. Moraetes displayed the highest level of professionalism, technical expertise, and leadership. He demonstrated the ability to overcome complex challenges while providing prompt, accurate solutions. When unexpected problems arose Mr. Moraetes aggressively redirected his efforts to expeditiously affect the best possible outcome for the client and the project. Mr. Moraetes technical knowledge is complemented by his impeccable written and verbal skills. 

I highly recommend George Moraetes for information security employment and look forward to working with him on future projects! He is well-equipped to handle a wide range of disciplines related to the industry and will be an excellent addition to any project in need of his guidance. Sincerely, Donald F. Turner, Jr. Owner and Managing Member Vector Partners, LLC"

Making sense of security through business outcomes. | MSU Broad MBA | Speaker on business/IT fusion topics
Steven F. worked with George in different groups

"True success is defined by service to others - by enabling other people's dreams and providing opportunities that might otherwise hide behind the haze of circumstance. George Moraetes models this definition by not only sharing his knowledge with others but proactively using his network to create synergistic opportunities. 

Mr. Moraetes is one of the few who has not allowed the "curse of knowledge" to obscure their perception of new problems. Each new challenge is met with a fresh analysis that is aided, not framed, by his extensive background in business and technology. I recommend George to anyone searching for an executive who can grasp organizational strategy and fuse it with an enabling security framework. I recommend George for his brilliance, bravery, and balance."

Director, Internal Audit at Crown Castle
Tom was a client of George’s

"George was an integral part of getting our data classification/data loss prevention project up and running. He brought a wealth of experience, knowledge, and guidance to the project and was a true asset. George was extremely flexible and easy to work with and was able to adapt to our needs and the requirements of the project. I would definitely recommend using George for similar services."

Senior Technologist | Consultant
George worked with Timothy N. in the same group

George is a consummate professional and has provided the security architecture for some of the DoD's most secure data enclaves ever built. He is at the top of his game and lives his career by teaching and mentoring Security Experts, with authority and a mentoring style. Additionally, George understands the gravity of Data Security Architecture and he delivers with impeccable ethics. I'm looking forward to working with him in the future."

Vice President Sales at comForte 21 GmbH
EARLE managed George directly

"George was a critical asset in helping my firm develop and then audit the industry's first independent Security Accreditation for CompTIA--the largest reseller org in the US. His skills in auditing via 4 hour online interviews and assessments were key to the program and the client's success. 

I have worked with George on other projects and his security knowledge and ability to manage complex projects involving many security functions is one of the best I have ever seen in my 15 years in security."

Sr. Project Manager Legacy Modernization at Astadia
"Scot" William C. worked with George in different groups
"I have worked with George now for the last several months on an extraordinarily complex and constrained implementation project. George's expertise and clear guidance and interpretations in the security realm have provided us with the ability to deliver top-class secure systems implementation. 

When one needs to get another security or compliance perspective because of conflicting standards and complicated business needs, George is really the goto person to cut through the chafe and he understands how critical information in a written standard can make a huge difference in." 

Director - Information Risk Services at UnitedHealth Group
George worked with Donald in the same group

"I worked with George for several months on a very large and complex project for the organization. George acted as the Lead Architect where every day he put his vast knowledge of Security, Corporate policies and Government Regulations to the test. George is a true professional with a Can-Do attitude."

Architect Advisor - Office of the CTO @ CVS Health (and Aetna)
Dan was a client of George’s

"George worked for me on a highly complex project with strict regulatory and security requirements. He has a deep knowledge of security topics and was quickly able to learn the organization and start providing value right away."

Law Intern at Albany Law School
Andrew managed George directly

"George is a very skilled IT security architect with a long technical resume. He is very willing to share his extensive knowledge and is very easy to work with. I can't recommend him highly enough – he is not only technically adept, but he also integrates easily into the existing team and bonds quickly with the other team members."

IT Security Specialist at 3M
George worked with Jim in the same group

"It has been a privilege working with George on key SiteMinder projects at 3M. George successfully led the project at 3M to upgrade SiteMinder from version 6 to R12 SP2. The timeline for this project was very aggressive and thanks to George's help it was successfully met. Many unexpected significant technical issues were encountered in the way. George either solved these issues himself or engaged the vendor very aggressively to ensure our deadlines stayed on track.

During this project, George discovered various needs for R12 enhancements and worked closely with CA to demonstrate the need for these enhancements, helped suggest solutions, and ensured that these would be included in future R12 releases. George also helped 3M migrate from Impersonation V3 to the built-in Impersonation that exists in R12. The two SiteMinder Impersonation architectures are vastly different and quite complex.

In addition, 3M's Impersonation needs proving to be a significant challenge due to 3M-specific language requirements. However, with George working on this project 3M was able to deliver a 'unique' working solution to meet 3M's Impersonation needs. George's resume and experience are quite accomplished and definitely show that George's vast IT knowledge is truly exceptional. However, there is much more to George's story that can be told on paper.
George cares greatly about his clients' needs and is definitely willing to go above and beyond expectations to ensure that these are met. Even while delivering great results on current responsibilities, George is always looking/willing to assist others and dive into areas to help others while simultaneously managing to ensure the current projects he is leading stay on target. In summary, George has the passion, experience, and technical skills that makes him an invaluable asset for handling complex IT security-related projects."

Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Researcher
Bob worked with George in different groups

"I knew George back when I had worked at Advantis (a partnership between Sears and IBM). George worked on the networking side of Advantis, and I worked in the managed services side. Our paths crossed more than once, and I remember him being a fairly good guy. George had a pension for looking 'outside of the box', esp. when it came to security, and he made it a full-time endeavor of his. He has a need to know mindset (which is good if you're a security guy, like him), and has the right stuff when interfacing with upper management and executives. If I were a CIO and needed someone to develop an enterprise security solution for me, I would pick George."

Consultant at Patina Solutions
George worked with Michael in the same group

"George and I have previously worked together. I always knew that he could be counted on to finish a program timely and accurately. The depth of his knowledge in IT sets him apart from others in the industry. He is very knowledgeable about the task at hand. George takes ownership of his work. I highly recommend George."

Lead Systems Engineer, Strategic Executive Management
Mark worked with George in different groups

"I've known George Moraetes for two years now, having met through our networking peers. We've worked together in a number of volunteer roles, most recently as Co-Facilitators for the TLA (Technology Leaders Association) in Chicago, IL USA.

In all of these roles, I have seen him continuously and selflessly make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of individual job seekers here in Chicago and nationwide. He does this by investing hours of his personal time mentoring, personally meeting and calling individuals to help them rewrite their resumes, polish their interviewing skills, and find connections in specifically targeted firms. Further, I have seen him so many times connecting from his amazing network of IT executives, and personally introducing individuals directly to the hiring managers, or to those that can make those immediate introductions at someone's target firm. 

George is also the consummate networker, as demonstrated by his founding of several LinkedIn and executive networking groups. Through these, he builds relationships based on trust, by helping others first. And of course, while helping others in their job searches, George is still one of the top, most sought-after and respected Information Security leaders in the US, having led and architected security solutions for Fortune 100 and federal agencies alike.

 In short, I have seen George's caring, dedicated, pay-it-forward attitude and his solutions-driven character revitalize hundreds of job seekers with his mentoring and willingness to help, bringing the chance for new careers too many individuals that had given up hope! On these hundreds of examples demonstrating his professionalism and his character to me and others, I can personally recommend George Moraetes."

CIO Chief Information Officer Central States Funds, HealthCare CIO, Transformation Leader, BOD Member, Telecom Advisor
Patrick worked with George but at different companies

"George is two people in one. He is first and foremost dedicated, respected IT security leaders with a recognized reputation, minimally in the Chicagoland area where I am aware of his skill sets although I believe his reputation is much broader than that. He is also a passionate professional with a caring heart who reaches out and helps other professionals with career support and encouragement and invests his personal time and efforts in helping support them when in transition. 

Consequently, while I have not worked with George in an employed setting I have seen him operate with his peers and can only imagine the dedication to the task that he brings to the table in pursuit of his work. He has helped me immensely broaden the reach of the Technology Leaders Association (www/techleaders.net) which now has nearly 8,000 senior I.T. members. 

George is a security go-to person in Chicago and is one of those trusted folks whose name is mentioned frequently when companies are looking for security solutions. On the basis of all, I am aware of George, his skills, his character and his professionalism I can heartily recommend him."

IT Security Architect at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
David was a client of George’s

"I’ve worked with George on a number of projects for DeVry's ongoing security program. He's very knowledgeable in IT Security, understands the business aspect of the operation and delivers great results. We appreciate his mentorship and willingness to help in various aspects of IT infrastructure. I highly recommend him as a Security/IT Leader for any organization!"

Sr Staff Architect at Kohl's Department Stores
George worked with Joel in the same group

"In a word-- Driven. Moving projects forward at large companies many times can be daunting. George took every challenge in stride with a disarming sense of humor that allowed all of us to focus on the job at hand. If you need someone with the right mix of skills to carry that project to Mt Everest and back, George is perfect for leading the charge."

Director, Information Security at JAFRA Cosmetics International
George worked with Jim in the same group
"George has continuously displayed a high level of professionalism and expertise in his work. His expertise is sought after and his work ethic is excellent. It was a pleasure working with George and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a high level of Information Security expertise."

Owner, VetsAmerica
George worked with John in the same group

"George is consonant security professional. Working with he on the Veterans Health Administration C&A project was not only fun but also a deep learning experience."

Leadership Anthropologist, Author, Business Consultant, Owner, Mentor, Speaker
Ron worked with George in different groups

"George was a definite positive addition to the staff of Ben Franklin in his role as the IT Security Audit Manager. He was fair and objective in his role and provided a very secure environment. His technical abilities were and are excellent and he can manage others well in a fast-paced environment. He is able to adapt well to changing environments."

Solutions Architect Project Manager
George worked with Maurice in the same group

"This guy's golden - straight shooter, an expert in Identity Management. George led the cutover of GE Healthcare's Single Sign-On (SSO) infrastructure to a completely new tech stack and cut over hundreds of applications that use that IDM tool. I would recommend him to anyone!"